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Margi Castaneda

Law Library Coordinator


The Self-Service Center is designed to provide information and forms for persons who are representing themselves in court. The information is intended to help individuals through the court system. These instructions and forms are intended to provide legal information and in no way are meant to provide legal advice.

In using this website, it will be possible to download available forms and prepare them. It will also be possible to complete the forms online and print them. All forms from this site are prepared using Microsoft Word®.

Please ensure that all instructions pertaining to the form(s) being completed are reviewed prior to submitting the form(s) for filing.



Forms located at the following sites are accepted to file cases in the Superior Court in Yuma County. Forms are available in Spanish
NOTICE: Please note that the Superior Court in Yuma County does not accept ez-courtforms. In addition, you must change the caption on each form to “Yuma County”.

Maricopa County Self Service Center

Arizona Supreme Court (AOC) 


Los formularios que se encuentran en los siguientes sitios web se aceptan para entablar casos en el  Tribunal Superior en el Condado de Yuma.
AVISO: Favor de notar que el Tribunal Superior en el Condado de Yuma no acepta los
formularios marcados ez-courtforms. Además, deben cambiar el rubro en cada formulario a “Yuma County”.

Tribunal Superior del Condado de Maricopa

Tribunal Supremo de Arizona (AOC)


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